Who is 4Ocean?

The 4Ocean team hosts both onshore and offshore cleanups. Onshore Beach Cleanups are an effective way to prevent waste from entering the ocean whereas Offshore Cleanups are a very effective way to remove waste that have already entered the ocean.

Have you heard of the 4Ocean team?

These amazing people are constantly traveling and moving from coastline to coastline both locally and internationally to help keep all beaches and oceans clean. 4Ocean have put a creative spin on a straightforward solution to plastic pollution in the oceans. To fund their work, they sell bracelets made of recycled plastic bottles and glass. 4Ocean aims to remove 0.45kg of plastic and other debris from the ocean for every bracelet they sell. The concept follows a simple principle: you buy the bracelet, you clean the ocean.

In October the 4Ocean team held a cleanup in Brazil where 50 volunteers spent the morning clearing the beach and altogether was able to collect over 68 kilos of rubbish. Other clean-ups in the past two months have been at South Beach Park in Boca Raton where there were 50+ volunteers who were able to collect nearly 50 kilos of waste from the beach and coastline. Those who volunteered for the cleanup at Bikini Beach Panglao found the beach in a far worse condition than described, the 4Ocean team collected a huge 766 kilos of waste – a new record for a beach cleanup in the Philippines.

Is there really that much plastic in the ocean?

There are 250,000 tons of plastic in the water now, and at the rate we’re adding it, there could be more plastic than fish by the year. If this plastic is not removed from the beach, or the ocean it could eventually turn into microplastic. Small fish and other organisms such as plankton then digest the microplastic which can cause complications all throughout the marine food chain.

Want to Volunteer?

If you are inspired by the work that the 4Ocean team do you can help! They are always thrilled when people want to volunteer and help clean our beaches! If you are interested in volunteering, you can fill out our volunteer form on the 4Ocean website. You will then be informed when there is a cleanup being hosted in your area so you can join in cleaning the beaches!

If volunteering is not your thing or you would like to contribute in the meantime you can purchase a variety of bracelets from the 4Ocean website. The 4Ocean bracelet is made from 100% recycled materials. The exact material used to make the cord is called RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate, also known as recycled water bottles) and the beads are made from recycled glass bottles. The 4Ocean charm that is attached to the bracelet is made from stainless steel. You might be wondering if the bracelets are made directly from the trash that 4Ocean removes from the oceans, and they are not. They are made of recycled materials from a facility.


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Lagos Marina, Lagos, Portugal.

Portugal Tourism No: RNAAT 1459/2018

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